Winter Services

Snow Removal in Calgary, AB

Are you ready for when the snow flies? And being that it is Calgary it could happen at ANY time! We have your snow removal needs under control. Be it a side walk, parking lot or anything in between that you need cleared.

2016 brought a revolutionary period to our company. After many months of research by our staff, Ever-Clear introduce liquid deicer (*Magnesium Chloride). To help reduce the amount of gravel and salt used, therefore decreasing damage to windows and cars from gravel, and reducing costs from spring clean-up

Our experienced snow team can look after all your needs:

  • Parking Lots and Roadway Plowing and Sanding
  • Exterior Parkade snow Sweeping
  • Sidewalk clearing by Sweeping or Shoveling
  • Loading and Hauling off Site
  • Liquid Deicers for Parking Lots/ Roadways
  • Wet or Dry Ice melt on sidewalks

*Magnesium chloride creates a film on the surface of the asphalt and helps to prevent the snow and ice from bonding to the surface. Allowing for a more thorough and easier clean that will not only save you money, it’s also environmentally safe.

To find out more about Mag Chloride click on: